Technologies we use with Ruby…

Back-end Development

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Ruby on Rails MVC Framework

Using RoR popular framework for web development, we can realize your ideas from A to Z.


Related to your project requirements our IT experts could choose the right DBMS for your projects.

We can use any database you want from open source PostgreSQL to enterprise grade Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.


Our behavior and unit tests with full coverage will show you that our developers are experienced and competent. In our list of tools: RSpec, Capybara, FactoryGirl, etc.

Using BDD and TDD testing tools, such as Rspec, Capybara, FactoryGirl, we ensure that the system is working correctly and is built with a high level of quality.

Front-end Development

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Angular, React, Vue




SEO optimization

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Communication first.

Quality code.

Multi step code review.

In small teams of two to four.

Small teams. Big results.

With consistent communication.

Flexibly based on project needs.

Our services

1. Design

Our expert team brings your ideas to life with innovative design.

2. Progress control

Your project will be under your belt with Git.

3. Support

We will support your project for 6 months in case of troubles.

4. Responsive content

Your project will be available on most modern devices.

5. Online marketing

Your project will be brought to audience with latest marketing techniques.

6. Communication

You will actively participate in bringing your project to life.